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       The role of the automobile relay switch The automobile relay switch is the key to control the on and off of the circuit. The main switches in the circuit often gather many wires, such as the ignition switch and the main light switch. When reading the picture, you should pay attention to five problems related to the switch:

   1. Among the many binding posts of the switch, pay attention to which ones are connected to the power supply. Which ones are connected to electrical appliances. Are there wiring symbols next to the terminal and whether these symbols are common.

  2. The switch has several gears. In each gear, the car relay, switch, function, and which terminals are energized. Which are out of power.

  3. What path does the battery or generator current take to reach this switch, whether it passes through other switches and fuses, and whether this switch is manual or electronic.

   4. Each switch controls which consumer. What is the role and function of the accused electrical appliance?

   5. In the accused car electrical appliances. Which electrical appliances are in automotive relays switches, and their functions are always on, and which circuits are temporarily on. Which should be connected first, and which should be connected later. Which should work individually. Which should work at the same time. Which appliances are allowed to be connected at the same time.