Shutdown Device Shut off Solenoid For Deutz 04199901, 1012, 2012, 24V

Condition: New
Voltage: 24V
Supply Ability: 50000
Payment Terms: TT , LC , Others


The working principle of the gas emergency cut-off solenoid valve:

A: When the solenoid valve needs to be opened, unscrew the protective cover (there is a threaded hole in the middle of the protective cover, screw it on the linkage rod to use as a handle), pull the handle strongly to open the valve.

B: When the solenoid valve needs to be closed, the coil is energized for no more than 1 second, and the valve closes quickly within 65 milliseconds.

Remarks: The coil of the emergency shut-off valve is energized instantly, and the emergency shut-off valve is triggered to close quickly and enter the self-locking state. At this time, even if the power is removed, the valve is still in the self-locking closed state, and will not be automatically opened again. Manual reset is required on site.

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