SA-4026-24 Fuel Shut Off Solenoid Valve 1752ES RQV-K 24V for Cummins 5.9L 8.3L

Condition: New
Voltage: 24V
Supply Ability: 50000
Payment Terms: TT , LC , Others


Disel Fuel Shutdown Shut Off Stop Solenoid Valve

Reference No.         : SA-4026-24 / FS20-RP-24 / 1752ES RQV-K

Application              : CUMMINS C & B 5.9L & 8.3L Engines

Warranty                  : 1 Year


The gas solenoid valve is a safety emergency shut-off device for the gas pipeline. It can be connected to the gas leakage alarm system or to the fire control and other intelligent alarm control terminal modules to realize on-site or remote automatic. When the combustible gas alarm detects the combustible gas leakage, it will send an action signal to the solenoid valve to make it fast Cut off the gas source to avoid the leakage gas concentration reaching the explosion limit, prevent the occurrence of gas explosion accidents, and ensure the safety of gas use. Satisfy safety management regulations and meet the characteristics of accident handling. The gas solenoid valve is suitable for city gas, liquefied petroleum gas, natural gas and other gas to make two-position on-off switching for heating and combustion medium pipelines, and the actuator for automatic temperature control. It is widely used in gas heat setting in textile industry and printing industry, furnace heating in glass and bulb industry and gas heating automatic control system in other industries.

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