1503ES-12S5SUC11 Stop Solenoid For Yanmar Thermo King 12V

Condition: New
Voltage: 12V
Supply Ability: 50000
Payment Terms: TT , LC , Others


Part Number: 1503ES-12S5SUC11S, SA-4920, SA-4564, SA-4817  TK 41-4306

Voltage: 12 Volt

Terminals: 3

Fit for: Yanmar Mini Excavator, Kubota Tractor, John Deere, other Machinery and so on


1. Working life, this item is not included in the factory test item, it belongs to the type test item. In order to ensure quality, brand-name products from regular manufacturers should be selected.

2. Work system: divided into long-term work system, repeated short-time work system and short-time work system. If the valve is opened for a long time and only closed for a short time, a normally open solenoid valve should be used.

3. Operating frequency: When the operating frequency is high, the structure should be a direct-acting solenoid valve, and the power supply should be preferably AC.

4. Action reliability

Strictly speaking, this test has not been officially included in the professional standards for solenoid valves in China. To ensure quality, brand-name products from regular manufacturers should be selected. In some occasions, the number of actions is not many, but the reliability requirements are high, such as fire protection, emergency protection, etc., must not be taken lightly. Especially important, two insurances should be used in conjunction.


It is one of the selected standards, but it must be economical on the basis of safety, applicability and reliability.

Economy is not only the price of the product, but also its function and quality, as well as the cost of installation, maintenance and other accessories.

More importantly, the cost of a solenoid valve in the entire automatic control system in the entire automatic control system and even in the production line is very small, and the damage caused by the wrong choice of small and cheap is huge.

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